Accept Crypto Payments just with a simple scan

Gain access to a transparent and decentralized exchange system on the Blockchain.

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John Doe

5530 - 1668 - 1444 - 6701

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Pay 34.99€
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Secure Payment Gateway

Orchestrated through a powerful API, easy to integrate and develop friendly

Crypto Payments

Top crypto coins payments: KBC, BTC, ETH

Insightful Dashboard

One place to manage all your merchant data

Swift Onboarding

Blazing fast merchant enrollment through online forms

Powerful Features

Everything you need from a payment solution provider.

One-Click Payments

Instant purchases, with no need to reenter card details

Tailored Checkout

Your logo, your brand colors, your unique user experience (UX)

Safe & Secure

PCI-DSS compliance, 24/7 fraud monitoring

Quality Focused

Seamless UX and continuous conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Payment link

Accepting payments was never this simple and easy

Innovative Dashboard

Access to multiple providers and banks, with a single integration

K-merchant is involved in more projects

We are honored to work with innovators
across all industries

Already Built-In

K-merchant provides an extended array of payment module integrations
for top-rated ecommerce platforms

Easy to Integrate Plugins

Add cryptocurrency payments to
your website using our
customizable modules
integrated with the most
popular ecommerce platforms


K-merchant is a company driven by Crypto payments

Highly scalable

We've got you covered throughout
 the Holidays and on Black Friday

Technology Driven

K-merchant is a technology company
with a full-status banking license

World-Class Assistance

Our seasoned support team
will be happy to help you

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