1. Dashboard

On dashboard you can observe a brief of everything that you have on our platform, from the number of shops ( either virtual or real ), statistics like the current volumes ( in crypto coins and fiat ) that you have gathered since you joined our platform, up to the number of transactions shown per coin or per store.

2. POS

With our POS being the most versatile POS ever created you can easily accept the widest range of payments. Just input the price of the item that is about to be bought by your client, then simply select what cryptocurrency your customer wants to use and show him the generated QR Code to complete the payment.

After the process is complete you can send the customer an invoice of the payment and also you can attach an External Order ID to the transaction made on our platform to help you manage all your transactions for your shops.

3. POS Settings

Here you can customize the POS and set it up for your shop, the way you need it! Select whatever currency you would like to receive for Fiat Payments from over 150+ supported currencies. For each crypto coin that we support you can select whether you want to use it in your shop and also if you want to receive it as Fiat or Crypto.

4. POS Devices

Our platform offers the best flexibility for your shop and your needs as a Merchant. Feel free to add as many POS Devices as you want, because it will only help you keep track of how well your shop develops using the Tools we provide you.

Check the little guide below to see how you can set up your devices for every shop you have.

To add a device simply follow these steps:

  1. Insert a name for "Device Name" to simply differentiate each device
  2. Set a PIN for this particular device only - for the same shop each device requires a different PIN
  3. Finally, select what shop should have the newly created device and hit Add

5. Devices Transactions

Here you firstly see a brief of each of your device with info like the PIN and Shop attributed for that device. Click on the little magnifying icon to get you to the page that contains every single detail of each transaction that was ever made with the selected device.

Scroll down to see all the details and possibilities that we offer you!

You have everything from the details of the device used for transactions, up to the complete details for each and every transaction.

A couple of cool features:

  • To see more in-depth info about a particular transaction, click on the 'TX' Badge displayed at the start of each row
  • Also, feel free to help yourself either by completing missed "External Order IDs" or changing any of the already saved ones by clicking on the pen icon

6. Shops

On the Shops page, you get a brief of every shop that you set up so far. Click on "Add a new shop" to complete the form with a couple of basic information and start using your new shop. Also, feel free to add as many shops as you want, either real or virtual.

7. Transactions

Just as on the Devices Transactions page, you get a complete 'package' of details for each of your shop like the crypto coins accepted on each shop, what income you have for each crypto and for fiat. Here you already know how the transactions work, we just grouped them by shops for a larger scale of statistics.

8. Virtual Orders

All of your transactions are here, only this time is all about your virtual shops. The complete list of transactions helps you manage

9. Customers

Here you have a list of your online shops that have transactions. The page presents you with details such as the name of the shop, the site where they have purchased from you and a couple of other basic information. Clicking on the magnifying icon will get you to the next page which is presented below.

On this page, you have a list with a couple of details for each of your online customers. The process of getting all the information is divided in this manner to help you understand exactly what customer you are looking at and from what shop that you own he came.

This is the page with all the 'goodies' because on the left you have the full list with details about your customer starting from their name up to their full address and email.

On the right side, you are presented with the perfectly grouped information about each and every transaction, that this particular customer has ever made on the shop you selected in the pages before. Here you have as well the possibility to get exactly what information you need from a transaction like the 'TX' and the 'External Order Id'.

10. Payment Link

This is just as simple as it sounds! You create now a transaction ( Photo Eg: 32 USD that has to be paid with BTC ). Our platform generates a payment link that you can e-mail to your customer in just one click.

The customer only needs to open the given link and scan de QR Code that is automatically generated because you chose everything for the transaction to be done. After the QR Code is scanned the transaction is complete.

Just as easy as if your customer would be in your real shop, only easier to have the comfort of completing the payment from your home!

11. Withdraw

On the withdraw page you have the following:

  • On the left you have your Volumes, that is your generated Crypto Coins and Fiat from all of your Transactions
  • Also on the left, you have the info from your current KYC Level, what you can and cannot yet.
  • On the right side, you have the complete Tool with all the explanation right there on how can you withdraw any of your coins.
  • We also made it easier for you to be able to generate a wallet right from this page, simple and fast.

This is a full look at the withdrawal requests you have made so far. Nothing fancy, we simply display the basic info like the type of withdrawal, the currency/crypto and the amount. Also the badges on the right help you see immediately what is processed and already in your pocket and what is on its way!

12. Wallets

Simply put, these are all the wallets that you created on our platform so far. Here you can edit any of your wallets so you don't need to delete and create another one. Still, if you ever need to erase any we kept that delete button just in case.

Adding a wallet is as simple as it gets. Click the button, name your wallet so you know what you're selecting for withdrawal, select the wallet crypto and then just copy & paste for the best security, so your coins stay in your pocket!

13. KYC

This page will help you get more just as simple as before. Complete the fields with the requested information for each KYC Level that you want to apply to, then after our staff has approved your request, you can enjoy your new KYC Limits!